Decision concerning the Director-General’s Programme and Budget proposals for 2022–23

Record of decisions | 25 March 2021
The Governing Body recommended to the International Labour Conference at its 109th Session (June 2021):

(a) to approve a provisional programme level of US$803,548,920 estimated at the 2020–21 budget rate of exchange of CHF1 to the US dollar, the final exchange rate and the corresponding US dollar level of the budget and Swiss franc assessment to be determined by the Conference; and

(b) to adopt the following resolution:

The General Conference of the International Labour Organization,

In virtue of the Financial Regulations, adopts for the 78th financial period, ending 31 December 2023, the budget of expenditure of the International Labour Organization amounting to US$ …… and the budget of income amounting to US$ …… which, at the budget rate of exchange of CHF…… to the US dollar, amounts to CHF…… , and resolves that the budget of income, denominated in Swiss francs, shall be allocated among Member States in accordance with the scale of contributions recommended by the Finance Committee of Government Representatives.

(GB.341/PFA/1, paragraph 248)