GB.341/PFA/15/1/Decision and related comments

Decision concerning the proposed amendments to the Statute of the Administrative Tribunal of the ILO

Record of decisions | 15 March 2021
The Governing Body, taking into account the guidance provided during the Governing Body discussions at the 335th and 337th Sessions on the proposed amendments to the Statute of the ILO Administrative Tribunal, and having duly consulted the Tribunal as well as the organizations having recognized its jurisdiction and their staff associations, decided, by correspondence:

(a) to approve the draft resolution appended to document GB.341/PFA/15/1 concerning amendments to the Tribunal’s Statute and to its Annex, for possible adoption by the International Labour Conference at its 109th Session (2021) relating to:

(i) the procedure according to which an international organization that has recognized the jurisdiction of the Tribunal may revoke its declaration of acceptance;

(ii) the eligibility criteria for judges, the geographical distribution and gender balance in the composition of the Tribunal, and the term of office of judges;

(iii) the extension of the appointment of judges in the event that the Conference does not meet prior to the expiry of their term; and

(b) to defer consideration of the advisability of undertaking an independent review of the functioning of the Tribunal in light of the review of the jurisdictional set-up of the United Nations common system undertaken by the UN Secretary-General pursuant to General Assembly resolution 74/255B and welcomed the Office’s cooperation in this review.

(GB.341/PFA/15/1, paragraph 53)

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