Decision concerning the agenda of the International Labour Conference: Agenda of future sessions of the Conference

Record of decisions | 27 March 2021
The Governing Body decided:

(a) to place on the agenda of the 110th Session (2022) of the Conference an item related to decent work and the social and solidarity economy (general discussion);

(b) to place on the agenda of the 112th and 113th Sessions (2024-25) of the Conference an item related to occupational safety and health protection against biological hazards (standard-setting - double discussion);

(c) to request the Office to convene a tripartite meeting of experts on the issue of “decent work in the platform economy” in the course of 2022;

(d) to request the Office to take into account the guidance provided in preparing the paper for the 343rd Session (November 2021) of the Governing Body; and

(e) in view of the deferral of the 109th Session of the International Labour Conference and its decision to confirm the inclusion of the recurrent discussion on social protection (social security) on the agenda of the Conference in 2021, to defer accordingly the remaining part of the five-year cycle for recurrent discussions adopted at its 328th Session, and confirm the following sequence:

(i) employment in 2022;

(ii) social protection (labour protection) in 2023;

(iii) fundamental principles and rights at work in 2024.

(GB.341/INS/3/1(Rev.1), paragraph 37, as amended by the Governing Body)