Decision concerning the update on the report of the Technical Meeting on Achieving Decent Work in Global Supply Chains (Geneva, 25–28 February 2020)

Record of decisions | 22 March 2021
The Governing Body, in seeking the implementation of the 2016 International Labour Conference resolution concerning decent work in global supply chains and the ILO programme of action on decent work in global supply chains, adopted the two-step process outlined below.

(1) The Office will be tasked to conduct an in-depth review to clearly identify if there are any gaps in the current body of normative and non-normative measures, including means of implementation and other measures, to facilitate a discussion on options to ensure decent work in supply chains, including at sectoral level, where appropriate. The review to be delivered and shared with the constituents by November 2021 should provide the basis for a review by a tripartite working group of a manageable size and observing regional balance, to be established by November 2021.

(2) This working group will further develop, with the support of the Office, the building blocks for a comprehensive strategy on achieving decent work in supply chains, taking into account the 2019 ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work, the One-ILO approach, and relevant outcomes of the 109th Session (2021) of the Conference, and will present its report to the Governing Body for discussion at its 344th Session (March 2022) with a view to deciding on appropriate follow-up action.

(3) Decisions of the working group shall be taken by consensus. Representatives shall make every effort to reach an agreement that is generally accepted, so that a decision can be adopted without formal objections. Where it is not possible to reach consensus on a specific issue, the divergent views shall be set out in its report to the Governing Body.

(GB.341/INS/13/2, paragraph 28, as amended by the Governing Body)