Decision concerning the update on the United Nations reform

Record of decisions | 22 March 2021
The Governing Body:

(a) took note of the current status of the reform of the United Nations development system and the implementation the Office’s Plan of Action 2019–20 to maximize the opportunities of the UN development system reform for the ILO and tripartite constituents;

(b) invited the Director-General to take into consideration the views expressed by the Governing Body in the continued engagement in and implementation of the reform and in supporting tripartite constituents to engage in UN Cooperation Frameworks and common country analysis; and

(c) requested the Director-General to report on the UN reform process and the measures taken by the Office to the 346th Session (November 2022) and to the 349th Session (November 2023) of the Governing Body.

(GB.341/INS/7, paragraph 53, as amended by the Governing Body)