335th Session of the ILO Governing Body

Decision concerning the ‎proposed form for reports to be requested under article 19 of the ILO Constitution in 2020 ‎

Record of decisions | 27 March 2019
The Governing Body:

(a) requested governments to submit reports for 2020, under article 19 of the Constitution, on the Nursing Personnel Convention, 1977 (No. 149), the Domestic Workers Convention, 2011 (No. 189), the Nursing Personnel Recommendation, 1977 (No. 157), and the Domestic Workers Recommendation, 2011 (No. 201); and

(b) approved the report form concerning these instruments set out in the appendix to document GB.335/LILS/3, as revised during the session.

(GB.335/LILS/3, paragraph 4)