335th Session of the ILO Governing Body

Decision concerning the composition, agenda and programme of standing bodies and meetings

Record of decisions | 28 March 2019
The Governing Body, on the recommendation of its Officers:

(a) Approved the holding of a Technical Meeting to Promote an Exchange of Views on the Further Development and Implementation of the Integrated Strategy to Address Decent Work Deficits in the Tobacco Sector, the dates, venue, languages and composition proposed, the appointment of Uganda, Governing Body member, as chairperson, as well as the organizations to be invited as listed in the appendix to document GB.335/INS/16.

(GB.335/INS/16, paragraph 7)

(b) Approved the holding of the Workers’ Symposium “The ILO Centenary: Workers’ Perspective for Social Justice” on 7–9 October 2019, its composition and agenda, and the list of international non-governmental organizations to be represented at the Symposium as observers (as listed in the appendix to document GB.335/INS/16).

(GB.335/INS/16, paragraph 13)

(c) Authorized the Director-General:

(i) to invite the organizations listed in the appendix to document GB.335/INS/16 to be represented at the 108th Session of the International Labour Conference, it being understood that it will be for the Conference to consider their requests to participate in the work of the committees dealing with the agenda items in which they have stated a special interest; and

(ii) to inform the organizations concerned that they may nominate one person only for each of the agenda items in respect of which their interest has been recognized.

(GB.335/INS/16, paragraph 17)

(d) Endorsed the proposal to invite the international non-governmental organizations as observers to the meetings listed in the appendix to document GB.335/INS/16.

(GB.335/INS/16, paragraph 19)

The Governing Body also took note of the programme of meetings, as approved by the Officers of the Governing Body, subject to decisions yet to be adopted, (as described in the footnotes of the programme).

(GB.335/INS/16, paragraph 20)