335th Session of the ILO Governing Body

Decision concerning the Reports of the 20th International Conference of Labour Statisticians (Geneva, 10–19 October 2018)

Record of decisions | 21 March 2019
The Governing Body:

(a) took note of the reports of the 20th International Conference of Labour Statisticians (ICLS);

(b) endorsed the recommendations of the 20th ICLS and requested that, subject to the availability of resources, these be taken into account by the Office in its future programme of work, particularly the newly adopted guidelines and the SDG indicators recently upgraded to Tier II by the United Nations;

(c) requested the Director-General to include in the Programme and Budget for 2020–21 a provision, which is estimated at US$860,000, to implement resolution II concerning the methodology of SDG indicator 8.8.2 on labour rights, to be reported on annually by the ILO;

(d) authorized the Director-General to promote the report of the proceedings of the 20th ICLS among:

(i) the governments of member States and, through them, to the national employers’ and workers’ organizations concerned, drawing particular attention to the four resolutions contained in Appendix 3 to the report;

(ii) the international employers’ and workers’ organizations concerned;

(iii) the United Nations and other intergovernmental organizations;

(iv) the non-governmental organizations represented at the 20th ICLS.

(GB.335/INS/14/1, paragraph 10.)