Decision concerning sectoral meetings held in 2017 and proposals for sectoral work in 2018

Record of decisions | 13 March 2018

The Governing Body:

(a) took note of the reports of the meetings referred to in section I;

(b) authorized the Director-General to communicate the final report of the Tripartite Meeting on Issues relating to Migrant Fishers to governments, requesting them to communicate the report to the employers’ and workers’ organizations concerned, and to the international employers’ and workers’ organizations and other international organizations concerned;

(c) requested the Director-General to bear in mind, when drawing up proposals for future work, the recommendations for future action by the ILO made by the Tripartite Meeting on Issues relating to Migrant Fishers;

(d) authorized the Director-General to publish the code of practice on safety and health in opencast mines; and

(e) endorsed the proposals contained in the appended table relating to the dates, duration, official title, purpose and composition of the meetings listed therein.

(GB.332/POL/2, paragraph 11.)