Decision on the ‎‎follow-up to the resolution concerning remaining measures on the subject of Myanmar adopted by the Conference at its 102nd Session (2013) ‎

Record of decisions | 20 March 2018

Having considered the report submitted by the Director-General, the Governing Body:

(a) noted the significant progress made on some of the issues referred to in the decision taken at its 331st Session (October–November 2017);

(b) urged the Government to engage in the process of labour law reform to promote freedom of association through genuine and effective tripartite dialogue and in line with international labour standards;

(c) welcomed the tripartite negotiation and endorsement of a Decent Work Country Programme in which the elimination of forced labour is included as a core component, and encouraged member States to support its implementation;

(d) welcomed the extension of the Supplementary Understanding and agreement to the Memorandum of Understanding and associated Action Plan on the Elimination of Forced Labour until 31 December 2018; and

(e) decided that the reporting to each Governing Body session on cases of forced labour, as referred to in its November 2017 decision, would no longer be required.

(GB.332/INS/8, paragraph 18 as amended by the Governing Body.)