Diagnostic tool and guide

Public employment services: diagnostic tool and guide

Running a diagnostic is an essential first step in every initiative aimed to bring about PES organizational change and improvement.

Improving PES effectiveness is not a straightforward process; it entails parallel and simultaneous balancing efforts at both policy-making and operational levels. Engaging targeted action on various fronts can prove to be complex and often raises the question of how to reconcile conflicting priorities and competing agendas with increasing budget deficits.

Using these guide and tool, PES organizations can identify the areas where existing capacity effectively contributes to delivering expected results and where there are opportunities for improvement.

All the components that influence PES performance are represented in a cluster-based framework that mirrors a generic employment service system, as defined by relevant international labour standards. With the aid of cluster-based surveys and interviews, the scan generates evidence to support the planning and managing of a responsive PES system.

The PES diagnostic tool and method delivers an action plan that guides action and interventions for closing gaps identified in capabilities, resources and service provision concerning the overall mission of the PES.