ILO/Sida Partnership on Employment Working Paper No. 7

Attaining SDG 8 in Portugal: Macroeconomic, sectoral and labour market policies for structural transformation and full and productive employment

Over the past couple of decades, the Portuguese economy has been subject to several, mainly negative economic shocks that have influenced its development and advancement. This has impacted the achievement of sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

However, recent years have seen a strong drive to accelerate progress. The diagnostic reviews the recent experience of the Portuguese economy regarding achieving different dimensions of SDG 8, taking a look at employment outcomes in relation to productive transformation, economic policy, enterprise demographics, and the role of public policy, with a specific look at the level of impact this progress had on the population with the mist vulnerable participation in the labour market, including women and youth, specially those neither in employment, education or training.