Unleashing the Potential for Rural Development through Decent Work - Building on the ILO Rural Work Legacy 1970s - 2011

Stocktaking of the approaches, tools, work methods, achievements and lessons learned.

This review explores the impact of the ILO’swork on rural employment and development since the 1970s when such work intensifiedmarkedly. Impact is reviewed at “360°” in terms of decent work components, covering job creation and income generation, with special attention to women, youth, and other disadvantaged groupswith untapped potential. It addresses issues such as access to skills and employment services, sustainable entrepreneurship, extension of social protection and improved occupational safety and health and working conditions, International Labour Standards, and the need for strengthened rural organization. It includes core processes such as social dialogue, capacity building of constituents and stakeholders, participatory approaches, gender equality and mainstreaming, inter-disciplinary and inter-departmental working arrangements, external partnerships, policy/strategic indenting and sustainability.