Enhancing Sustainable Tourism, Clean Production and Export Capacity in Lao PDR

The project aims at developing an overall competitive tourism industry in Lao PDR, while at the same time strengthening the organic agriculture and handcraft (silk) industries that are important suppliers to the tourism sector. It is expected that the combination of increased exports and strengthened backward-linkages in the above mentioned sectors will contribute to reducing poverty in the targeted provinces of Lao PDR. The project is funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

Main objectives of the project:

  1. Development of a competitive and sustainable tourism industry,
  2. Strengthening of backward linkages of handicraft, especially silk, and organic agriculture to the tourism sector,
  3. Facilitating exports to regional markets and meeting international requirements for target sectors, and
  4. Addressing cross-cutting issues concerning cleaner production, strengthening the local trade forums and Aid for Trade Structure.
In the context of this SECO-funded project, ILO cooperates with other international organizations under the umbrella of the UN CEB Inter-Agency Cluster on Trade and Productive Capacity and provides trade related technical assistance in the areas of Management practices, Workplace cooperation, as well as Skills and Productivity of workers in the above mentioned sectors. In this context, ILO provides reference materials on good practices in general management, OSH and workplace cooperation and works closely with the key existing hotel supporting educational institutions. Please visit the official website of the project for further details: http://www.laosaft.org/seco.

Duration: 2011-2014
Regions and countries covered: Laos PDR
Units responsible: Employment, RO Bangkok
Contact(s): Bolormaa Tumurchudur-Klok, ED/EMP, +41 22 799 6241
Subjects: Trade related technical assistance, trade, diversification, decent work, tourism, competitiveness, productivity, backward-linkages, organic agro-processing, sustainable, educational institutions, management