Resources on work, peace and resilience

  1. Publication

    Gender and natural disasters

    01 September 2000

    Crisis Response and Reconstruction Working Paper No. 1

  2. Publication

    A Framework for ILO policy and action in the conflict-affected context : training and employment promotion for sustainable peace

    01 October 1999

  3. Publication

    Learning to change : skills development among the economically vulnerable and socially excluded in developing countries

    01 March 1999

    Employment and Training Papers No. 43

  4. Publication

    Gender guidelines for employment and skills training in conflict-affected countries

    01 March 1998

  5. Instructional material

    Guidelines for employment and skills training in conflict-affected countries

    01 January 1998

  6. Instructional material

    Manual on training and employment options for ex-combatants

    01 November 1997

  7. Publication

    Developing financial institutions in conflict affected countries : emerging issues, first lessons learnt and challenges ahead

    01 October 1997

  8. Instructional material

    Local Economic Development Operational Guidelines in Post-Crisis Situations

    01 January 1997

    This Operational Guide is the result of a joint effort between researchers and technical experts with a broad field experience in Local Economic Development (LED) around the world.

  9. Publication

    Relevance and Potential of Employment-Intensive Works Programmes in the Reintegration of Demobilized Combatants

    01 January 1995