Resources on work, peace and resilience

  1. Publication

    Guidelines for establishing emergency public employment services

    01 January 2003

    Describes the role of employment services in post-crisis labour markets. Presents detailed guidelines on setting up and running a public employment service (PES).

  2. Publication

    Introduction to microfinance in conflict-affected communities. A training manual

    03 December 2002

    Intended for staff of NGOs, donors, international organizations, and government programmes, describes how to provide financial services to people with low incomes in countries after violence, war, or refugee influx. Covers the selection of implementing agencies, design of microfinance programmes, their application, monitoring and evaluation, etc. Includes references to the literature and websites for further information.

  3. Publication

    Coordination in crisis response and reconstruction

    01 October 2002

  4. Publication

    Gender and financial/economic downturns

    01 October 2002

    Crisis Response and Reconstruction Working Paper No. 9

  5. Publication

    ILO generic crisis response modules

    08 April 2002

    Provides technical and operational information to promote effective response in four types of crisis situations: natural disasters, financial and economic downturns, armed conflicts and social and political transitions. Outlines the characteristics, causes and societal impact of each type of crisis and describes the ILO response in relation to pre-crisis preparedness and mitigation and response at the time of crisis and in the short and long-term. Focuses on the employment and decent work dimensions of crisis response.

  6. Publication

    Crisis response. Rapid needs assessment manual

    08 April 2002

    Provides checklists and advice on setting up, conducting and reporting on a rapid needs assessment in a crisis situation. Outlines the ILO's approach to crisis response and sets out the objectives of the assessment mission and the key questions to be asked during information gathering and impact evaluation. Describes a methodology for assessment reporting and follow-up.

  7. Publication

    HIV epidemic and other crisis response in Sub-Saharan Africa

    01 April 2002

    Crisis Response and Reconstruction Working Paper No. 6

  8. Publication

    Afghanistan : the current employment and socio-economic situation and prospects

    01 March 2002

    Crisis Response and Reconstruction Working Paper No. 8

  9. Publication

    Africa’s crises : recent analysis of armed conflicts and natural disasters in Africa

    01 March 2002

    Crisis Response and Reconstruction Working Paper No. 5

  10. Publication

    Crises, women and other gender concerns : selected issues papers

    01 February 2002

    Crisis Response and Reconstruction Working Paper No. 7