November 2021

  1. Internships, Employability and the Search for Decent Work Experience

    EMPLOYMENT Seminar #36

  2. Digitalization of national TVET and skills systems: Harnessing technology to support LLL: An enquiry and action framework

    04 November 2021

    This report describes and updates the picture of digital vocational education and training, providing an overview of the issues surrounding digitalisation across the key functional areas of skills systems.

October 2021

  1. Announcing the finalists of the 3rd ILO Skills Challenge Innovation Call on Preventing forced labour in Africa

    27 October 2021

    The finalists will be invited to present their ideas to a panel of experts during a virtual pitch event.

  2. ILO Monitor: COVID-19 and the world of work. 8th edition

    27 October 2021

    The report gives a global overview of how countries are grappling with the recovery, eighteen months into the crisis. Based on new data, it provides a detailed picture of the different recovery trends between developed and developing countries. It also analyzes the impact of vaccination rates on labour market by region, and the distortions the COVID-19 crisis is having on productivity and enterprises.

  3. An uneven and gender-unequal COVID-19 recovery: Update on gender and employment trends 2021

    26 October 2021

    The COVID-19 crisis caused unprecedented job losses, hitting women the hardest, particularly in middle-income countries. The COVID-19 recovery is proving both uneven and gender-unequal, as women’s employment recovery is lagging behind men’s.

  4. Pitch Day: The power of innovation

    During the event, the finalists of the 2nd Skills Challenge Innovation Call will present their ideas to boost formalization through technology and skills development in the region.

  5. Technical consultation workshop on the use of skills Logbooks, skills passports and other mechanisms to improve the portability of skills and qualifications

  6. ILO launches new online database on employment policies and strategies to promote an inclusive job-rich recovery

    19 October 2021

    The online platform will serve as a unique worldwide reference and source of information on national employment policies, and strategies to promote youth employment.

  7. Youth employment and COVID-19: Some lessons from the crisis

    EMPLOYMENT Seminar #35

  8. Finalists of the 3rd ILO Skills Challenge Innovation Call on Preventing forced labour to be announced on 27 October

    15 October 2021

    The finalists will move on to the next stage of the evaluation process and will be invited to present their ideas to an independent panel of judges.