Employment working papers

  1. Publication

    Self-employment programmes for young people: A review of the context, policies and evidence

    Brendan Burchell Adam Coutts, Edward Hall, Nick Pye

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 198

  2. Publication

    Export-led development, employment and gender in the era of globalization

    Naoko Otobe

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 197

  3. Publication

    Macroeconomic policy for employment creation in Egypt: Past experience and future prospects

    Tariq Haq, Chahir Zaki

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 196

  4. Publication

    The great employment transformation in China

    Nomaan Majid

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 195

  5. Publication

    Public works programmes: A strategy for poverty alleviation - The gender dimension revisited in Employment-Intensive Investment Programmes in 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean

    Nite Tanzarn, Maria Teresa Gutierrez

    Employment Working Paper No. 194

  6. Publication

    Structural change, employment and education in Ghana

    Theo Sparreboom, Roger Gomis

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 193

  7. Publication

    The Public Employment Service in the Republic of Korea

    Sungpil Yang

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 192

  8. Publication

    Women business training programme in Kenya: Impact of incentives

    Faizan Diwan, Grace Makana, David McKenzie, Silvia Paruzzolo

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 191

  9. Publication

    Access to Finance and Enterprise growth: Evidence from an experiment in Uganda

    Nathan Fiala

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 190

  10. Publication

    Differences in the effects of vocational training on men and women: Constraints on women and drop-out behaviour

    Yoonyoung Cho, Davie Kalomba, Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak, Victor Orozco

    EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 189