Employment working papers

  1. Publication

    Macroeconomic policy for full and productive and decent employment for all: The case of Nigeria

    Ugochukwu Agu and Chijioke J. Evoh

    Employment Working Paper No. 107

  2. Working paper

    Diverging trends in unemployment in the United States and Europe: Evidence from Okun's law and the global financial crisis

    Sandrine Cazes, Sher Verick and Fares Al Hussami

    This paper presents estimates of Okun’s coefficients for a number of developed countries, and shows that there is considerable variation across countries, which captures the heterogeneity in the responsiveness of unemployment to the global financial crisis. The paper also looks at the relationship between these coefficients and labour market institutions.

  3. Working paper

    Addressing the employment challenge: India's MGNREGA

    Ajit K. Ghose

    This paper examines, in particular, the effects of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) programme on employment, wages and incomes of the rural poor. It also considers its effect on overall growth of the economy.

  4. Publication

    Towards an ILO approach to climate change adaptation

    Marek Harsdorff, Maikel Lieuw-Kie-Song, Mito Tsukamoto

    Employment Working Paper No. 104

  5. Publication

    Promoting training and employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities: International experience

    Trevor R. Parmenter

    Employment Working Paper No. 103

  6. Publication

    Social dialogue during the financial and economic crisis. Results from the ILO/World Bank Inventory using a Boolean analysis on 44 countries

    Lucio Baccaro and Stefan Heeb

    Employment Working Paper No. 102

  7. Working paper

    Rights at work in times of crisis: Trends at the country level in terms of compliance with international labour standards

    David Tajgman, Catherine Saget, Natan Elkin and Eric Gravel

    Seeks to identify trends in rights at work during the global financial and economic crisis that began in 2008, in terms of international labour standards.

  8. Publication

    The impact of the financial and economic crisis on ten African economies and labour markets in 2008-2010: Findings from the ILO/World Bank policy inventory

    Catherine Saget and Jean-François Yao

    Employment Working Paper No. 100

  9. Publication

    Employment trends in Indonesia over 1996-2009: Casualization of the labour market during an era of crises, reforms and recovery

    Makiko Matsumoto and Sher Verick

    Employment Working Paper No. 99

  10. Publication

    Employment diagnostic analysis: Maluku, Indonesia

    Per Ronnås and Leyla Shamchiyeva

    Employment Working Paper No. 98