The STRENGTHEN2 project conducted an Employment Impact Assessment Week in Zambia

News | 25 September 2022
The STRENGTHEN2 project organized an Employment Impact Assessment week in Lusaka, Zambia from 13 to 16 September 2022, which consisted in an introductory seminar and a technical training workshop. This training had the following objectives:
  1. Undergo a technical validation of the “Green Social Accounting Matrix 2010 for Zambia” or Green-SAM - an extremely rare and important database for conducting employment and SDG impact assessment and policy simulations, developed jointly by ZamStat and the ILO.
  2. Inform about the usefulness of employment impact assessments, how to contract them out and convey a basic understanding of how to interpret their results. This introductory seminar showcased the works of ILO and STRENGTHEN2 in the context of employment impact assessments and introduced existing well-known methodologies for conducting them. Participants came from ZamStat, MNDP, Ministry of Labour, Workers’ organizations, Employers’ organizations, financing partners of projects, academic and research institutions, and other local and international organizations interested in conducting quantitative employment or SDG impact assessments.
  3. Shed light on the details of how to conduct employment (and SDG) impact assessments trough a more technical training, which was attended by technical specialists like researchers (in macroeconomics) such as those in ZIPAR and at university, but also technical specialists and analysts from international organizations.