ProAgro Morocco – ‘Promotion of Decent Work in Agribusiness’ Project

The ProAgro Morocco project (hereinafter "Project" or "ProAgro") proposes an integrated strategy combining support for the implementation of employment policies, skills development, development of agro-industrial value chains and entrepreneurship training.

Over a 42-month period, the Project supports Morocco to undertake inclusive structural transformation and create decent jobs through integrated strategic interventions with both short- and long-term measures, as well as approaches related to labour supply and demand, while focusing on key value chains in the agro-industrial sector. ProAgro’s theory of change draws on ILO’s experience and covers the collective expertise accumulated by the Office in the promotion of decent employment as well as in the development of skills, enterprise and value chains.

The expected impact of the Project is to contribute to the creation of more and better jobs in the agro-industrial sector. To achieve this objective, ProAgro supports and implements interventions aimed on the one hand at integrating young people and other jobseekers into the labour market by equipping them with the necessary skills to help them access a job or create their own business (push), and on the other hand at attracting them by supporting the development of companies and value chains so that the private sector can develop, thus creating more and better jobs (pull ).

Both push-pull approaches need to be supported by an adequate policy environment and ecosystem, an environment that ensures that investment generates more and better jobs, and that employment services effectively ensure that the skills of workers match with companies looking to attract new talent. ProAgro is thus based on two interdependent and mutually reinforcing pillars that aim to:
  • Foster an ecosystem conducive to the creation of decent jobs and sustainable investment;
  • Develop value chains and entrepreneurship.