Executive Summary

Executive Summary: The Impact of Trade and Investment Policies on Productive and Decent Work

Summary of the Country Report for Egypt - METI Programme

This Country Report identifies the key issues to be addressed, and the policies and measures to be implemented in order to realize the potential to create more decent and productive employment in Egypt. The report argues that trade and investment are key avenues to achieve this goal.

This report assessed the trade and investment developments and presented the primary features of FDI, trade, SMEs, and the labour market in Egypt with the special focus on women and youth. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on trade, investment, and the Egyptian labour market was analysed as well.

Despite the fact that the current crisis has disrupted the supply chains and the volume of international trade, and severely impacted investment, it has created for Egypt new nearshoring opportunities for Europe, which could further boost the export opportunities across different sectors.

The report concludes that a more bottom-up approach, to implement trade and investment policies, is needed through tripartite social dialogue, to discuss recent policy updates, their necessities, and the required reforms. Ultimately, these interventions would optimize the quantity of jobs created in this country and ensure decent work for all.