News on Building partnerships on the Future of Work

  1. Meeting report: Changing labour market transitions in Asia and the Pacific

    24 January 2022

  2. The state of the apparel and footwear industry: Employment, automation and their gender dimensions

    24 January 2022

    This paper highlights the importance of the apparel and footwear sector for women’s employment and the gendered nature of the industry; summarizes the literature on the effects of industrial automation and digitization on employment in the industry, in particular their gender dimensions; and presents a brief overview of the apparel and footwear sector in the project countries, namely Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Romania and Spain.

  3. Changing labour market transitions in Asia and the Pacific

    The workshop will focus on the realities of Asian societies in terms of ongoing changes in labour market transitions and, more generally, over the life course.

  4. Meeting Report: Technical workshop on Global Shifts in the Employment Structure

    25 November 2021

  5. Concept note and agenda: Changing labour market transitions in Asia and the Pacific

    25 November 2021

  6. Global shifts in the employment structure

    This workshop will bring together the research teams from the JRC and Eurofound, colleagues from the European Commission, the ILO and external experts to discuss the conceptual framework of the research and the methodologies to analyse recent changes in the employment structure for a selection of EU and non-EU countries.

  7. Conference: Building the future of work and trade

    Jointly organized by the ILO’s EMPLOYMENT and RESEARCH departments, the ILO Country Office for Mexico and Cuba, and the European Commission, this online conference is part of two EU funded projects “Building partnerships on the future of work” and “Trade, enterprises and labour markets: Diagnostic and firm-level assessment (ASSESS)”.