News on Building partnerships on the Future of Work

  1. The Algorithmic Management of work and its implications in different contexts

    21 June 2022

    This paper provides a conceptual framework for the emerging phenomenon of algorithmic management and outlines some of the implications for work, from work organisation to working conditions (job quality).

  2. Meeting report - EU-Korea Policy dialogue on the future of work

    10 June 2022

  3. Understanding automation and employment in the apparel and automotive sectors

    Organized by the “Building Partnerships on the Future of Work” project, this webinar will bring together experts to share knowledge on the automotive, apparel and footwear industries and discuss technological change and the future of work in these sectors. Interpretation in English and Spanish will be provided.

  4. Labour market transitions and life courses

    This webinar will present and discuss recent research undertaken or commissioned by the ILO and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission on transitions from or into self-employment in Europe and on available data sources to measure changing life courses.

  5. Global value chain analysis of the automotive and garment sectors: A study of Germany, Spain, Romania, Indonesia and Mexico for 2000-2014

    29 March 2022

    Since the end of the last century, there has been an increasing trend of production fragmentation. Although all manufacturing sectors have become globalised to some degree, the case of automotive and garment sectors stand out. This report analyses the trends in employment, value-added and functional income distribution of the automotive and garment supply chains of Germany, Spain, Romania, Indonesia and Mexico for 2000-2014. It also focuses on the spatial and sectoral distribution of these variables. The empirical framework for the analysis is the multiregional input-output model, using data from the World Input-Output Database, Release 2016. The heterogeneity of the selected producer countries allows to provide a rich picture of the alternative organisations of global supply chains across different regions.

  6. Meeting report: Workshop on Big data and the future of work

    07 March 2022

  7. Challenges and opportunities in leveraging online job ads to track labour shortages (Tony Bonen)

    01 March 2022