Building Partnerships on the Future of Work

A brochure about the EU-ILO project “Building Partnerships on the Future of Work”.

News | 20 September 2021
The "Future of Work" is already part of our present. All countries around the globe face the challenges of a world of work under transformation, caused by a combination of the effects of globalization and of technological, climate and demographic changes, amongst others.

Many jobs and entire sectors are being reshaped, new forms of employment relationships are emerging, and patterns of work and careers are becoming more varied, at every stage of the working life cycle. While many of these changes are not necessarily recent, the pace and scale of some of the underlying drivers are accelerating exponentially.

These changes bring opportunities for our societies, but if they are not addressed properly and in a timely manner, they could also bring insecurity and increased risks, notably for the most vulnerable groups. Our response to these transformations today will determine what the future world of work will look like.