List of publications produced by the Building Partnerships on the Future of Work Project

Project documentation | 02 September 2021
  1. Moving towards a life course perspective to labour market transitions: approaches and challenges
  2. Automation and its employment effects: a literature review of automotive and garment sectors
  3. The state of apparel and footwear industry: Employment, automation and their gender dimensions
  4. Measuring labour market transitions using a life-course perspective in selected developed and developing countries – an inventory of existing panel data and methods of analysis
  5. Solo self-employment and lack of paid employment: an occupational perspective across EU countries
  6. Technological Progress and the Dynamics of Self-Employment: Worker-level Evidence for Europe
  7. Using pseudo-panels to analyse labour market transitions
  8. Global value chain analysis of the automotive and garment sectors: A study of Germany, Spain, Romania, Indonesia and Mexico for 2000-2014
  9. The Algorithmic Management of work and its implications in different contexts
  10. What has been driving work-to-work transitions in the emerging world? A comparative study of Indonesia and South Africa
  11. Structural Changes in Brazilian Employment (2002-2021)
  12. Participation and employment in seven developing economies: an Age-Period-Cohort Analysis
  13. Rural women’s transitions in and out of employment in India since COVID-19
  14. Old-age labour market transition and poverty in Korea
  15. The automotive sector in Mexico: The impact of automation and digitalization on employment
  16. Automation and its employment impacts: Case studies in Mexico’s apparel and footwear sectors
  17. Resilience or need? COVID-19, informality and the probability of being employed