Two-day technical workshop on “New labour market transition patterns” is being organized under the EU-ILO project “Building Partnerships on the Future of Work”


    This initiative contributes shaping the future world of work in compliance with the ILO Centenary Declaration on the Future of Work, taking into account the interest of EU citizens, societies and economies. It does so by promoting a global approach to the changing world of work, by protecting citizens and by finding workable and sustainable solutions to key challenges related to the changing nature of work.

    A key component of the project involves developing relevant intelligence, promotion of the issues, capacity building and policy advice, including through exchanges of practices and joint actions at the international level.

    This workshop contributes to the intelligence gathering or “Fact-based Analysis” component of the project, specifically by building a stronger knowledge base to understand and respond to the emerging labour market transformations. The research outcomes will help to fill existing research gaps and inform future evidence-based policies aimed at addressing the challenges and opportunities deriving from a changing world of work

    Tentative Agenda

    For the full programme, see Agenda on right-hand margin of this page.

    Day 1: May 10

    - Welcome and opening (11h00-11h20)
    - Session 1: Are labour market transition patterns changing? In which directions? (11h20-12h30)
    - Session 2: The impacts of the crisis on transitions (12h15-13h30)
    - Closing (13h30-13h45)

    Day 2: May 17

    - Session 3: Transitions from/into self-employment (11h00-12h00)
    - Session 4: Analyzing transitions over the life-course: approaches and challenges (12h00-13h30)
    - Closing (13h30-13h45)

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