Instructional materials


  1. Train-the-trainer programme: ILO/ACFTU training workshop on youth rights at work

    12 December 2014

    Nanning, 3–4 December 2014

  2. Monitoring and evaluation of youth employment programmes: A learning guide

    25 August 2014

  3. Youth Labour Market Analysis: A training package on youth labour market information

    25 August 2014

  4. Youth Employment and Migration: A review of practices from joint programmes of the United Nations

    25 August 2014

  5. Resource guide on Gender issues in employment and labour market policies: Working towards women’s economic empowerment and gender equality

    12 May 2014


  1. Surfing the labour market: Job search skills for young people

    04 December 2013

  2. Construction of low volume sealed roads : good practice guide to labour-based methods

    01 May 2013

    The Guideline is primarily targeted at Small-Scale Contractors and their Supervisors who are involved in low-volume road works using Labour Based Methods (LBM).


  1. Multi-hazard Business Continuity Management

    24 August 2012

    Guide for small and medium enterprises

  2. Training resource pack for agricultural cooperatives on the elimination of hazardous child labour - Training course activities for cooperatives - Book 2

    30 April 2012

    Book 2 is the material that the cooperative trainers should use for training purposes with cooperative leaders and members and others.

  3. Training resource pack for agricultural cooperatives on the elimination of hazardous child labour - Trainer's Guide - Book 1

    30 April 2012

    Book 1 is for cooperative trainers who run training courses for their fellow cooperative leaders and members on hazardous child labour as a basis for them taking action to eliminate such labour.

  4. MY.COOP flyer

    09 March 2012

    My.COOP is a training package and programme on the management of agricultural cooperatives. Proper management enables cooperatives to offer high quality, efficient and effective services to their members. Moreover, well managed agricultural cooperatives can also contribute to wider development issues such as food security, sustainable use of natural resources and inclusive employment creation.

  5. Toolkit on Poverty Reduction through Tourism in Rural Areas

    01 March 2012

    The toolkit outlines the background to poverty reduction approaches and how the ILO is involved within the context of decent work and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Recent developments in tourism and a vision for an inclusive, pro-poor, rural tourism industry are summarized.

  6. Managing your agricultural cooperative, My.COOP

    01 February 2012

    Training package and programme on the management of agricultural cooperatives


  1. “Social and Solidarity Economy: Our common road towards Decent Work” - Reader for the ILO Academy on Social And Solidarity Academy 2011

    24 October 2011

    Social and Solidarity Economy: Our common road towards Decent Work" - Reader in support of the Second Social and Solidarity Economy Academy, 24-28 October 2011, Montreal, Canada. The Reader brings together a series of articles to help build a common understanding of the concept of Social Solidarity Economy (SSE), with specific focus on issues regarding governance and organizational management, policy and networking in and for the organizations of the SEE. It also includes general information about the ILO and the social and solidarity economy initiative and articles on the relationship between SSE and the Informal Economy, Green Economy, Local Development and modalities of financing the SSE.

  2. Achieving Equal Employment Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities through Legislation (Online guide)

    01 September 2011

    This online education and training guide is intended to support improved capacity of governments in collaboration with social partners and civil society to design, implement and evaluate legislation that effectively supports equal employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

  3. Training on Public Employment Services in North Sudan

    01 August 2011

  4. Promoting Co-operatives, A guide to ILO Recommendation 193

    27 July 2011

    The guide is designed to introduce the international policy guideline International Labour Organisation (ILO) Recommendation 193 which provides a framework for cooperatives in the 21st century. The guide helps understand how the 'Recommendation' provides a basis for law and policies on cooperatives as well as how and why there is a need to campaign for cooperatives. Designed to be used in all parts of the world, the publication is written in a simple format to enable ease in translation. It is the result of a collaborative effort of the Co-operative College of the United Kingdom, the International Labour Office (ILO) and the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA).

  5. Project Design Manual, a step-by-step tool to Support the Development of Cooperatives and Other Forms of Self-Help Organizations

    18 July 2011


  1. Socio-Economic Reintegration of Ex-combatants

    12 August 2010


  2. Local Economic Recovery in Post-Conflict

    12 August 2010

    Guidelines, 1st Edition