STRENGTHEN: Global Knowledge-Sharing Workshop

The STRENGTHEN Project will host a global knowledge-sharing workshop with the stakeholders from partner countries, experts and ILO departments. This interactive workshop will provide an opportunity to
  • Share the knowledge based on the STRENGTHEN studies;
  • Introduce the employment impact assessment tools utilized in the project;
  • Identify strategies for involving sectoral and trade stakeholders in employment policy.
The STRENGTHEN project has been supporting countries with the formulation and implementation of trade and sectoral policies to foster the creation of more and better jobs. Implemented since 2014 in nine countries located in three different regions, the STRENGTHEN project has been promoting new partnerships among a broad range of stakeholders, including ILO traditional and non-traditional partners,
to improve policies and enhance employment outcomes.

The workshop includes the following sessions:
  • Supporting the sectoral and trade dimension of national employment policies;
  • Involving stakeholders in strategic employment creation;
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods for assessing the employment impact of sectoral and trade policies;
  • Assessing employment in export value chains;
  • The combined effect of agro-processing, trade and infrastructure investment on employment creation;
  • Opportunities for further collaboration.
This workshop is a trilingual event. Group discussions will be in English, French or Spanish. We will provide simultaneous translations for the main sessions.