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  1. Beirut consultation highlights the need for youth voices in policy-making

    23 March 2012

    Ahead of the Youth Employment Forum, the ILO is holding consultation events in more than 40 countries around the world to hear young people’s views on the alarming employment situation. The meeting in Beirut underlined the different angles of youth employment in the Arab states.

  2. ILO launches a video contest on Decent Work for Youth

    08 March 2012

    Are you between the ages of 18 and 29 years? Struggling to find a job or working under poor conditions? Want things to change? Make a video expressing your views and get a chance to present it at the Youth Employment Forum in Geneva.

  3. ILO holds global consultation of young people on youth jobs crisis

    02 March 2012

    The ILO is holding events in 46 countries around the world throughout March and April to hear young people’s views on the alarming youth employment situation.

  4. ILO warns youth job crisis threatens social cohesion, calls for more and better jobs for youth

    27 February 2012

    Addressing a special event organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in New York, the head of the ILO Employment Sector, José-Manuel Salazar, has warned of the risks of a lost generation due to a growing youth employment crisis, and called for new and stronger partnerships to create more and better jobs for young people.


  1. G20 Summit at Cannes: priorities, challenges and actions

    05 October 2011

    Ambassador Jean-David Levitte outlines France’s priorities for the G20 Summit in Cannes, 3-4 November 2011.

  2. Release of the joint EC-ILO publication “Trade and Employment: From Myths to Facts”

    04 October 2011

    The edited volume “Trade and Employment: From Myths to Facts” is the outcome of a joint project of the European Commission and the International Labour Office. The book contributes to promoting the advancement of employment, decent work and social cohesion in developing countries by assisting policy makers and social partners in anticipating and addressing the effects of trade reforms on employment

  3. Main findings of the ILO study "The Global Crisis: Causes, responses and challenges"

    13 June 2011

    This new report by the ILO shows how well-designed employment and social policies can now play a crucial role in both boosting job creation and making economic growth more solid and equitable.


  1. Youth Employment Inventory

    02 November 2010

  2. The Livelihood Recovery Project in Sichuan, China

    29 September 2010

    Employment situation in Qingping after the mudslide of 13 August 2010

  3. ILO joins UN-CEB Cluster on Trade and Productive Capacity

    28 May 2010

  4. ILO seminar on ways out of the jobs crisis

    26 March 2010

    While the massive increase in unemployment due to the global economic crisis has left some countries reeling from joblessness and recession, others – including for the first time some less-developed and emerging economies – have experienced a much quicker and smoother recovery process.

  5. Haiti Immediate Response Plan

    16 February 2010

    The ILO is currently in the process of deploying two teams to respond to the HAITI earthquake in Port-au-Prince (Haiti). The initial response is based on the approved immediate response plan that can be found here.


  1. Cairo to host First AfDB / ILO Pan-African Forum on Women Entrepreneurship Development

    19 October 2009

    27-29 October 2009

  2. ILO and the reintegration of ex-combatants in Sri Lanka

    30 July 2009