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  1. © ILO - Jashim Salam 2023

    Young workers in Asia face instability and vulnerability

    27 August 2014

    A new International Labour Organization (ILO) report on the transitions of young people from education to the employment market in Asia and the Pacific, finds majority of youth in the region are either in low quality jobs or unemployed.

  2. Capacity Building on Land and Engineering Surveying in Hargeisa

    01 August 2014

    A land and engineering survey training was held on September 2014 in Hargeisa for district engineers and a selected number of university students from related fields of engineering. In total the training had 41 participants.

  3. Business thriving in the new QudhacDheer market, Hargeisa

    01 August 2014

    ILO, through the Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery (JPLG) supported the Hargeisa District Council in the construction of QudhacDheer marketwhich was identified as a community priority.

  4. ILO: Youth in Jordan face difficult transition from school to decent work

    21 July 2014

    Jordan’s youth face a myriad of challenges when attempting to move from education to the workplace, according to a new ILO study.

  5. © Arnaud Mugisha 2023

    Does investing in education pay off for African youth?

    12 March 2014

    In sub-Saharan Africa, a stable, well-paid job is often an impossible dream, even for educated young people, according to an ILO report.


  1. The ILO Youth Employment Programme has launched a call for nominations of good practices on youth employment!

    23 July 2013

  2. ILO welcomes G20 efforts to boost job creation and growth

    19 July 2013

    At the end of their two-day meeting, Labour and Employment Ministers from G20 countries presented a series of policy proposals to speed up the economic recovery.

  3. Youth Employment Video Contest: Youth labour migration “Reaping the benefits, minimizing the risks”

    24 June 2013

  4. Van Rompuy: Growth and jobs are the ultimate goal of all reforms

    14 June 2013

    Ahead of the European Council meeting, European Council President, Herman Van Rompuy, addresses the International Labour Conference and says that the ILO has a key role to play in helping to address the challenges that Europe faces.

  5. © T. Lannié/AltoPress/PhotoAlto 2023

    Profits return but fail to boost real economy in many advanced countries

    03 June 2013

    Profitability has regained pre-crisis levels in many countries, but investment is still below pre-crisis levels in most advanced economies

  6. © Manuel Cohen / AFP 2023

    Uneven job recovery poses challenges to most countries

    03 June 2013

    The latest edition of the ILO’s World of Work report shows encouraging, but still-fragile signs of improvement in emerging and developing economies, while many advanced economies continue to face high or even rising unemployment and increasing inequalities.

  7. © John FRUMM / 2023

    Informal, poorly paid and unemployed: The reality of work for most youth in developing countries

    08 May 2013

    School-to-work transition surveys of developing countries show that youth are far more likely to land low quality jobs in the informal economy than jobs paying decent wages and offering benefits. Access to education and training remains a major stumbling block.

  8. ITU Telecom World 2013 Young Innovators Competition

    06 May 2013

    The Young Innovators Competition seeks to foster innovative ideas amongst the next generation of social entrepreneurs working to change the world through technology.

  9. Skills mismatches hurt job creation prospects

    04 February 2013

    The crisis has forced millions of workers to seek new jobs but their skills are often not those that employers are seeking, and this skills mismatch is driving up unemployment levels.

  10. ILO head in Latin America: More, but also better jobs are needed

    30 January 2013

    Guy Ryder, ILO Director-General, highlighted the need to turn informal employment into decent jobs in the formal sector. He spoke during a Latin America visit that took him to Buenos Aires and Lima.

  11. Global unemployment rising again but with significant differences across regions

    22 January 2013

    Five years after the outbreak of the global financial crisis, labour markets remain deeply depressed. Unemployment has started to rise again as the economic outlook worsens.

  12. ILO head hails signing of Tunisian social contract

    14 January 2013

    The Director-General of the International Labour Organization (ILO), Guy Ryder, witnessed the signing of a key social stability pact in Tunisia, which coincided with the two-year anniversary of the start of the Arab Spring.

  13. ILO Chief: Less austerity, more investment needed to tackle youth jobs crisis

    11 January 2013

    Failing to act on the youth jobs crisis would sow the seeds of social unrest and destroy hopes for sustainable growth. That is a cost the world cannot afford, ILO Director-General Guy Ryder said at a conference on youth employment in Budapest.


  1. Labour market gender gap: Two steps forward, one step back

    11 December 2012

    The gender gap in global labour markets showed some convergence in the earlier part of the last decade but increased after the crisis erupted in 2007, according to an ILO report produced in collaboration with UN Women. The picture varies considerably among regions.

  2. Wage growth slows globally despite increases in emerging countries

    07 December 2012

    New ILO figures show a continuing slowdown in global wages in developed countries and some resilience in emerging economies.