1. Labour market policies and employment services are critical ingredients of the COVID-19 policy responses

    18 August 2020

    This article presents highlights of the new policy brief on “COVID-19: Public employment services and labour market policy responses”.

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    Q&A on: Robotics and reshoring - Employment implications for developing countries

    13 August 2020

    This new publication explores the implications of increasing automation through case studies across four different sectors in developing countries. The volume examines how robotics and reshoring can affect both the quantity and quality of jobs, focusing on workers at the shop-floor level. This Question and Answer gives a brief overview of the motivations for producing the volume and its findings.

  3. Bridging the skills gap for informal economy workers – How can skills and lifelong learning help mitigate the consequences of the crises?

    19 May 2020

    By Christine Hofmann, Skills Specialist

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    Helping the “double casualties” of COVID-19

    04 May 2020

    The spread of COVID-19 in fragile states riven by conflict and political insecurity, is turning millions of vulnerable people into double casualties of the pandemic.

  5. Learning in the times of COVID-19: Can distance learning become the new normal?

    03 May 2020

    By Paul Comyn, Senior Skills Specialist and Angelica Muñoz, G20TS Project Programming Officer.

  6. Towards a Coordinated Humanitarian-Development Response to COVID-19 Crisis: Reflections from the Arab Region with an ILO Lens

    22 April 2020

    The multilateral system should support Arab countries to build on humanitarian and development mechanisms and experiences developed in recent years, in order to rapidly and effectively respond to the COVID-19 health, social, and economic crisis in the region.

  7. Global Survey on Youth and COVID-19

    03 April 2020

    To bring youth voices to the forefront of action and policy responses, the ILO and partners of the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth (DJY) are conducting a survey on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth and the world of work.


  1. Moving towards full employment: An interview with Aurelio Parisotto

    22 November 2019

    This year’s Employment Policy Research Symposium, to be held on 12-13 December, will focus on the fundamental question of full employment - its definition and relevance, its implications for inclusive and greener economic growth, the conditions leading to it and the role it plays in helping those who are at risk of being left behind. In this interview Aurelio Parisotto, Head/Policy Coordination and Development Unit at the ILO Employment Policy Department, talks about what is meant by full employment, why it matters and how to achieve it given the central role that SDG8 on Decent Work and Economic Growth plays in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

  2. Water is wealth for Sri Lankan farmers

    05 November 2019

    The legacy of conflict combined with climate change brought drought and impending disaster to northern Sri Lankan farmers. An ILO project helped to restore water and put them back on the road to a more prosperous life.

  3. In Malawi, bolstering youth and women's employment through sectoral skills strategies

    12 June 2019

    This article looks at skills development strategies implemented in the agricultural sector in Malawi, and consider some of the lessons that can be drawn for aid for trade initiatives more broadly.

  4. ILO Employment Policy Department Director's Welcoming Speech at the STRENGTHEN Global Knowledge-Sharing Workshop

    15 May 2019

    The following are highlights of the speech delivered by ILO Employment Policy Department Director Sangheon Lee during the Global Knowledge-Sharing Workshop.

  5. Global ILO Knowledge-Sharing Workshop brings partner countries together for “Strengthening the Impact on Employment of Sectoral and Trade Policies”

    15 May 2019

  6. Transitioning to the formal economy through technology: The trends towards e-formality

    10 May 2019


  1. Working together in Lebanon

    12 December 2018

    Women and men, Syrian refugees and host communities work alongside each other building an irrigation channel as part of an ILO project in Lebanon’s Beqaa Valley.

  2. Structural transformation in emerging economies: leading sectors and the balanced growth hypothesis

    13 November 2018

  3. Sri Lankan women making waves in local industry

    05 November 2018

    With determination, detergent and the support of the ILO project promoting local empowerment through economic development in Sri Lanka, a group of women-headed households have gained social and economic power.

  4. Disadvantaged youth turn away from gang violence through skills' training in northern Madagascar

    06 August 2018

    In the first of a series of articles to mark International Youth Day on 12 August, we focus on an ILO-funded project that has been supporting efforts to curb urban violence and restore peace in the coastal town of Diégo Suarez.

  5. Mind the gap: Differing perspectives of men and women economists may affect policy outcomes

    12 June 2018

  6. 107th International Labour Conference: Facebook interviews

    04 June 2018

    Facebook interviews featuring representatives of the ILO Employment Policy Department.

  7. A tremendous challenge: More than 61 per cent of the world’s employed population make their living in the informal economy

    21 May 2018