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The Employment Sector Information and Documentation centre offers ILO Officials both at Headquarters and the field, ILO constituents, journalists, students and others a range of services to meet your information needs.

This includes access to the Sector's free publications, research assistance, loans from the Employment Sector's or the ILO Library's collection, guidance on how to use information resources and on-line research tools effectively. The Centre also organises displays of its own as well as other ILO publications during special events.

Recent publications

  1. © R. Kutsaiev/Unsplash 2024


    EMPLOYMENT Department Newsletter, March/April 2024

    25 March 2024

  2. Publication

    Guidelines for developing inclusive water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure

    22 March 2024

    This publication builds on the experience of five organizations working towards inclusive WASH infrastructure development around the world: the United Nations Office for Project Services, the United Nations Children's Fund, the International Labour Organization, WaterAid and Arup.

  3. Report

    Profile of Portugal’s Young NEETs

    21 March 2024

  4. Publication

    Digital labour platforms in Kenya: Exploring women’s opportunities and challenges across various sectors

    20 March 2024

    This report explores how the expansion of digital technologies such as digital labour platforms is reshaping Kenya’s economic landscape, and the experiences of workers engaged on these platforms, especially women.

  5. Publication

    EIIP Afghanistan News Brief, Issue 9

    12 March 2024

    This brief seeks to share news and information about the activities of the EIIP Afghanistan project. This ILO project, funded by the Special Trust Fund for Afghanistan (STFA), is meant to promote employment and decent work in the Humanitarian- Development-Peace Nexus.

  6. UN Women - ILO Policy Tool

    UN Women - ILO Joint Programme Synthesis Report, Argentina

    08 March 2024

  7. UN Women - ILO Policy Tool

    Sectoral potential for the creation of female jobs and proposed avenues to achieve gender equality on the labour market.

    08 March 2024

    A Moroccan Perspective

  8. Publication

    Employment impact assessments: How to measure the employment impact of guarantees

    07 March 2024