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    Impact Insurance Research Paper #24: The impact of a health insurance programme

    01 November 2012

    Research Paper #24 evaluates the impact of introducing a new health insurance product in rural Kenya. Health insurance was found to reduce net health expenditure and informal borrowing for medical costs, and to increase non-food and overall consumption. However, the study observed no significant differences in health outcomes between the control and treatment groups. Demand for the product proved sensitive to price discounts, but not to training in financial and risk literacy. The main determinants of renewal were positive or negative experiences, rather than hospital use or price.

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    Impact Insurance Research Paper #25: Do caste and social interactions affect risk attitudes and adoption of microinsurance?

    01 November 2012

    Research Paper #25 looks into the social context within which risk attitudes are formed and participation decisions are made, using microdata from rural households in Gujarat, India. Both caste affiliation and social interaction are found to significantly affect the risk attitudes of farmers. Furthermore, social interaction seems to have a significant influence on the adoption of rainfall insurance.

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    Impact Insurance Research Paper #26: The demand for microinsurance

    01 November 2012

    Why are demand and renewal rates for microinsurance so low despite the important protection it may offer? To address the puzzle, Reserach Paper #26 provides a selective overview of the current state of research on demand for microinsurance. It first looks at the theoretical research and then reviews the empirical evidence on the factors influencing demand for insurance.

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    Impact Insurance Working Paper #18: Pathways towards greater impact: Better microinsurance models, products and processes for MFIs

    01 November 2012

    Based on the experiences of innovative microfinance institutions (MFIs), it is clear that they can provide risk-management services that are valuable for clients and MFIs alike. This paper provides a comprehensive review of the challenges and successes of microfinance institutions and offers ten key recommendations.

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    26 October 2012

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    Master Trainers

    26 October 2012

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    26 October 2012

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    Planning the road to a green economy

    08 October 2012

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    Impact Insurance Research Paper #23: Agricultural decisions after relaxing credit and risk constraints

    01 October 2012

    Research Paper #23 examines how uninsured risk constrains farmers in Northern Ghana. It shows that when provided with insurance against the primary catastrophic risk they face, farmers are able to increase expenditure on their farms and make riskier choices. The study finds a strong demand for insurance among these farmers. Insurance payouts further increase this demand in subsequent years both among recipients and among their social networks.

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    Greening Haiti

    31 August 2012

    Decades of environmental degradation have left Haiti on the brink, posing a serious threat to lives and livelihoods. Training programmes are helping Haitians move towards a greener, more sustainable economy.