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    A better future for young people: What cooperatives can offer

    11 December 2012

    Information brief on cooperatives

  2. Publication

    Guidelines for cooperative legislation, third revised edition

    11 December 2012

    Provides guidance on how to draft a cooperative law.

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    SCORE: Small & Medium Enterprises are key to development

    07 December 2012

    SCORE - 'Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises'- is a technical cooperation programme of the International Labour Organization (ILO) that supports the sustainable growth of small and medium enterprises in order to foster development in emerging economies. Partnering with local employers' organizations and training institutions, SCORE helps Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) adopt socially responsible and environmentally sustainable work methods that boost their productivity. SCORE is currently funded by the Norwegian and Swiss governments.

  4. Publication

    Impact Insurance Research Paper #27: Protection of the microinsurance consumer

    01 December 2012

    Research Paper #27 provides a legal analysis of the contractual vulnerability of microinsurance consumers and studies mechanisms that effectively protect them. While consumer protection is essential to address contractual vulnerability issues, it should be based on a legal framework and should place obligations on states, insurers, reinsurers and intermediaries who participate in the value chain of microinsurance.

  5. Publication

    Briefing Note #14: Selling more, selling better: A microinsurance sales force development study

    01 December 2012

    Adequate recruitment, training, incentives, and monitoring of a sales force are indispensable for selling microinsurance effectively. Briefing Note #14 summarizes lessons to improve performance throughout these four areas.

  6. Document

    First-time visitors (SCORE)

    28 November 2012

  7. Turin

    Green Jobs Learning Forum. Local Strategies and Actions

    This is a practitioners’ Learning Forum. Thus, it provides participants with knowledge, tools and examples of good practices to enhance their skills in the design and implementation of effective local strategies for the promotion of green jobs through private sector development.

  8. Video

    Lean management for lean times

    19 November 2012

    The on-going global crisis makes it even tougher for companies to survive in the face of increased international competition and the drive for lower sales prices. It is becoming difficult for small and medium enterprises to keep employees in their jobs. The ILO has recommended that governments stay away from austerity measures and invest in quality jobs and public services. But government spending can't do it all. Some companies are proving organizational methods such as "lean" management, can help adapt to these in tough economic times, and ever hire.

  9. International Year of Cooperatives

    Healing pharmacies

    12 November 2012

    As the International Year of Cooperatives draws to an end, ILO News looks at how cooperatives in Turkey offer customers easier and safer access to medicines.

  10. Publication

    ILO and Cooperatives - ILO COOP NEWS No. 3, 2012

    09 November 2012

    This issue of the COOP News includes information on International Day of Cooperatives celebrations and the continuing participation of ILO in International Year of Cooperatives (IYC) observances particularly in the Caribbean, China, Indonesia and a global event in Ethiopia. ILO COOP partnerships are also featured. Artcles are included on joint activities held with the Japanese Consumer Cooperative Union, ILO’s Bureau for Workers’ Activities(ACTRAV)as well the continuing roll-out of My.COOP, a partnership capacity building programme to strengthen agricultural cooperatives. ILO COOP reports on new publications prepared for IYC, and knowledge sharing events on cooperatives held within the ILO. Finally it includes information on the 2013 Social & Solidarity Economy Academy which will focus on youth.