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    Impact Insurance Research Paper #32: Can microinsurance help prevent child labour?

    01 May 2013

    Child labour is a common consequence of economic shocks in developing countries. Research Paper #32 explores how reducing vulnerability through insurance impacts child labour and schooling. Using the case of a health and accident insurance scheme by a Pakistani microfinance institution, the study finds that increased insurance coverage results in lower incidence of child labour and reduced earnings from child labour. The effect is largely attributed to an ex-ante feeling of protection as opposed to a shock-mitigation effect.

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    Impact Insurance Research Paper #33: The impact of health insurance education on enrollment of microfinance institution clients in the Ghana National Health Insurance Scheme, northern region of Ghana

    01 May 2013

    Despite the fact that national health insurance has been available in Ghana since 2003, the coverage is far from universal. Research Paper #23 evaluates a consumer education intervention for microfinance clients by Freedom from Hunger and Sinapi Aba Trust designed to increase awareness, knowledge and eventually take-up rates of the National Health Insurance Scheme. Results suggest that the lack of knowledge may not the most important barrier to enrollment: while health insurance education appeared to increase knowledge of health insurance among those who received it, there were no significant differences in enrollment rates between the treatment groups and control group. Rather, it appears that convenience of registration and timing of premium payments were more common challenges faced by these individuals.

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    Briefing Note #17: Why people do not buy microinsurance and what can we do about it

    01 May 2013

    The findings of Briefing Note #17 debunk some of the most common myths about demand for microinsurance. The briefing note aims to help practitioners understand what factors determine demand for their microinsurance products. Based on a review of more than 30 studies, it blends academic findings with practical examples and presents solutions to improve demand.

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    Impact Insurance Working Paper #22: Beyond slogans: Good practices in promoting microinsurance products

    01 May 2013

    This paper provides examples of good practice for developing promotional campaigns. Based on dozen case studies, it provides microinsurance providers and their distribution partners with a ten-step promotional planning model that helps ensure that communication strategies attract low-income households by conveying appropriately the value of microinsurance products.

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    Professional microcredit in France: what effect on employment?

    30 April 2013

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    Namibia’s national workshop aims at strengthening the link between the green economy and job creation

    29 April 2013

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    Green Business Plan Competitions held in Uganda

    25 April 2013

    The Green Business Plan competitions annually held in Uganda provide opportunities for young entrepreneurs to develop sustainable, environmentally friendly business ideas and compete for prizes. The ILO, through YEF, contracted Enterprise Uganda to prepare and conduct a Green Business Plan Training Workshop in September 2012. Following a call for proposal, 66 candidates were selected to attend the business plan training workshop. Out of these, 28 candidates with the most successful business plans developed during the training in September, received further support such as business skills training and mentorship to finalize the initiated business plans and enter the annual competition.

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    The Social Impact of Microcredit in the European Context

    23 April 2013

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    Agenda of the International Research Conference, 9-10 May 2013, Geneva, Switzerland

    23 April 2013

    Improved working conditions, safety and health, training and performance in SMEs: In search of a win-win scenario in developing and transition economies

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    "Is Small Still Beautiful?"

    16 April 2013

    Literature Review of Recent Empirical Evidence on the Contribution of SMEs to Employment Creation