Be inspired! Navigating new trends in youth entrepreneurship: A global knowledge sharing event

How can the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of young people be harnessed to create jobs and generate income? This event will give participants the opportunity to engage in a creative knowledge exchange and to generate fresh ideas on youth entrepreneurship.

This knowledge-sharing event targets policy-makers and practitioners responsible for youth entrepreneurship promotion in their own countries. In close exchange with entrepreneurs, policy makers and enterprise development experts, participants will test innovative learning tools and identify business models that boost youth entrepreneurship, both at the policy and at the project level. Starting with a review of the evidence base of what works (and does not) in youth entrepreneurship, this course will stimulate participants to envision opportunities and challenges for youth entrepreneurship by 2030. Through the use of gameplay mechanics and study visits, participants will engage in practical learning activities that spark innovation and inspire entrepreneurial spirit. The event will be facilitated by enterprise development experts from the ILO and other international organizations with hands-on experience of youth entrepreneurship promotion. A team of professional facilitators from the ITC-ILO will guide the participants through a series of participatory learning exercises.
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