Guide to Gender-Sensitive Approaches to Value Chain Development

The Guide to Gender-Sensitive Approaches to Value Chain Development provides practical advice, recommendations and good practices to programmes seeking to adopt a more gender-sensitive approach to value chain development

Value chains are an integral part of today’s globalised economies, and can determine the way resources are distributed across communities. By considering gender dynamics in sector selection, value chain analysis and design and implementation, value chain development interventions can contribute to redressing gender-based inequalities and increasing women’s economic and labour inclusion.

With this Guide, the ILO’s Women’s Entrepreneurship Development Programme ( seeks to help development practitioners to understand the significance of a gender-sensitive approach, and provide practical advice and examples for adopting gender-sensitive approaches to the different stages of value chain development and development programming more broadly. While it serves as a complementary guide intended to be used in tandem with the ILO’s Value Chain Development for Decent Work Guide, the Guide can also be a source of inspiration, ideas and tools for practitioners aiming to integrate gender dimensions in their work for the benefit of all.