Market systems analysis - Moldova

Youth Employment

A Systems Analysis for Moldova’s Decent Work Country Programme 2021-2024

Every four years, the International Labour Organization (ILO) develops a Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) for Moldova, which provides a medium-term planning framework for the ILO’s activities in country. To support more effective targeting for Moldova’s next DWCP – covering 2021-2024 – “systems analyses” have been conducted to identify the key challenges and opportunities in two priority areas: youth employment and safety and security at work.

This analysis of the youth employment system in Moldova is a new application of the systems approach within the ILO. It looks at the system around a larger decent work challenge – youth employment - rather than analysing a the system in a specific sector as has traditionally done.

The analysis centres on two major employ­ment-related problems that affect young people in Moldova – a lack of jobs (job quantity) and issues with the type of jobs that are available, characterised by high informality and low wages (quality of jobs). The analysis identifies the key constraints to these employment related problems and then unpacks the underlying causes to these constraints. It closes with identified priorities which can be adopted in the Moldova DWCP to address these constraints to youth employment in Moldova.