Rapid Market Assessment - Nepal

Eight ways to grow Nepal's agricultural sector: A rapid market assessment and ranking of agricultural sub-sectors

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This rapid market assessment of eight agricultural sub-sectors in Nepal, namely tea, dairy, cardamom, fresh vegetables, pond fish, goat (meat), ginger, and lentils, was commissioned by the ILO Nepal country office to lay the groundwork for the ILO and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MOAD) of Nepal to build on the experience of the UNNATI Inclusive Growth program rounded off in December 2018. The report focuses mainly on provinces 1, 2 and 3, located in Eastern Nepal, and evaluates the inclusive growth potential of the eight selected agricultural sub-sectors by looking into the market systems in which they are embedded. It also provides both general and sector-specific recommendations relative to how the ILO should frame a programme targeting these value chains and where to concentrate efforts in order to realize better outcomes for the working poor as well as aspiring job seekers.