Sector selection - Afghanistan

Selecting the road to more and better jobs

The importance of cotton, grapes, poultry, sheep, goats, almonds and dairy value chains to improve incomes and job creation in Afghanistan.

Short Description

The Road to Jobs project in Afghanistan aims at facilitating systemic change in four sectors relevant to the economic livelihoods of poor and vulnerable rural households and income-earners in the Northern provinces of Balkh and Samangan. The Lab programme supported R2J to select sectors that are labour-intensive, have a high reliance on wage labour inputs and not just smallholder production, and that can create jobs accessible to the poor and vulnerable groups such as women and migrant workers. In order to achieve this, R2J conducted a sector selection exercise involving six participatory Rapid Market Assessments (RMAs) to collect relevant information around three main criteria: relevance to target groups, opportunity for inclusive growth and feasibility for intervention. This report summarises the findings and final sector selection.

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