SIYB goes digital: introducing e-SIYB

MSMEs account for the largest share of employment globally and are hardest hit by the economic effects of COVID-19. To support MSME survival and recovery, the Global SIYB Team and the ILO International Training Center, with the generous support of 17 Country Offices and projects, developed e-SIYB: a set of online tools designed to facilitate delivery of SIYB trainings during the pandemic.

Presentation | 29 October 2020
On November 5, a webinar was held to introduce the e-SIYB tools and discuss the role of SIYB trainings to strengthen MSME recovery and resilience.

The event was opened by Marlen de la Chaux, SIYB Global Coordinator for the ILO Headquarters. She briefly introduced ILO’s Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) programme – an entrepreneurship and business management training programme that has four modules to accompany entrepreneurs and small business owners on their journey of growing their businesses.

Subsequently, Merten Sievers, Global Coordinator for Inclusive Markets and Entrepreneurship for the ILO Headquarters, provided a global outlook of SIYB and the role of the programme during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as the creation of the digital e-SIYB tools to complement SIYB Trainings.

Following, Linda Deelen, Programme Manager for the ITC-ILO, gave an overview of the newly developed e-SIYB Tools (self-guided modules and videos) and the electronic training platform (e-campus).

Afterwards, three Partner Organizations from Sri Lanka, Cabo Verde and South Africa respectively presented their experiences with the SIYB Programme in supporting MSMEs during Covid-19.
  • Sri Lanka: Mohan Thilakasiri, SIYB Master Trainer, presented the activities carried out by the SIYB Association of Sri Lanka done at the early stages of the pandemic. Support MSMEs by developing business continuity management trainings and adapting the service delivery.
  • Cabo Verde: Nelson Évora, SIYB Trainer, described the experience in implementing the e-SIYB tools in combination with other tools such as the promotion of business plan competitions for young entrepreneurs.
  • South Africa: Ricardo Dames, SIYB Master Trainer, explained how he has integrated the e-SIYB tools into a more comprehensive online platform that adapts the tool to local needs and according to target groups. 
Main speakers: 
  • Merten Sievers, Global Coordinator, Value Chain Development and Entrepreneurship , ILO HQ
  • Linda Deelen, Programme Manager, ITC-ILO
  • Ricardo Dames, SIYB Master Trainer, South Africa
  • Nelson Évora, SIYB Trainer, Cabo Verde
  • Mohan Thilakasiri, SIYB Master Trainer, Sri Lanka
  • Marlen de la Chaux, SIYB Global Coordinator, ILO HQ
Video recording: