One cycle at a time – Building Perfect Wash Laundry Services in South Africa

Thandeka Likhuleni, Perfect Wash Laundry Services –South Africa

Article | 08 October 2020
Thandeka unleashed her potential after participating in the SIYB programme. In May 2020, she was able to put her idea into practice, establishing Perfect Wash Laundry Services.

She manages her business using the skills learned during the SIYB training. Thandeka is now able to conduct market research, costing and price her products following the guidelines learned during the training. Currently the business is running, and she is able to see a minimum of 2-4 clients per day using the equipment she has. Also, “Perfect Wash Laundry Services” is now registered, has a tax clearance and a bank account.

Thandeka was able to create job opportunities as the business has increased its customers since the opening. As Thandeka remains confident that her business will continue to grow she is looking to tackle the next challenge: sourcing the equipment needed to expand the business and serve more clients.