Inside Pretoria’s construction sector: expanding Rudzani’s business management skills

Rudzani Madzibandila, Inversco Trading Enterprises – South Africa

Article | 08 October 2020
Rudzani’s business “Inversco Trading Enterprises” started in 2015 based in Pretoria offering construction services. Before he participated in the Start Your Business module Rudzani was struggling with making new sales and this had a negative impact on the business, as it was not growing.

Since he attended the SIYB training, Rudzani manages to use the skills and knowledge he acquired to generate more leads that increased sales. His pitching skills improved drastically and Rudzani now has the confidence to stand in front of people and talk about the company.

The business was able to partner with bigger construction companies and to secure bigger opportunities with government as part of the marketing strategy. The business has also collaborated with major public private partnerships and major industry key players. The revenues of Rudzani’s business have soared over the past years.

Like many others, although Rudzani’s business was affected by the pandemic and lockdown measures, he is now back to business again and looking to expand his company.