After helping others, SIYB Trainer builds confidence to open her own business

Ashwani Pramodrao Khatale, Sri Sai Samarth Banking Kiosk – India

Article | 08 October 2020
Ashwani was always looking for an opportunity to increase her income in order to manage her household expenses. However, breaking down gender barriers and social norms was very challenging. According to Ashwani, going to work in a regular job was acceptable, but thinking of any other options to earn seemed impossible. Managing children, household responsibility and working in her job was taking a lot of her time and energy.

In 2017, Ashwani got an opportunity to attend a two-week SIYB Training of Trainers. After the training, she became a certified Trainer, and started delivering the SIYB training to women entrepreneurs, helping them to start their businesses. Due to her enthusiasm she got an opportunity to deliver SIYB with the Ministry of Micro and Small Enterprises at her district level. This helped her earn and she was able to save money out of her training engagement.

As an SIYB Trainer, Ashwani built her confidence – a recurrent though in her mind was that she was helping other women to start their business, but what about her? She was looking for an opportunity and the COVID-19 pandemic brought that to her. Confined to her house, she started to plan what to do next.

In her locality Ashwani found that banking services are far, and people need to travel around 8-10 kilometres to the banking facilities. The idea clicked in her mind and in June 2020 she decided to explore an opportunity to open a banking kiosk. Out of her savings she brought a computer, a printer, and an internet facility – all needed to run the kiosk. She then informed the office she would not continue in the job, and shared her plan, receiving support from her office colleagues.

It has been 3 months and Ashwani is very satisfied with her business. Now she earns much better to meet out her family expenditures. In the future, she wants to expand her business and diversify as per the need of the local people.

I have already learned all this during the SIYB training. As a trainer I was explaining to the potential/existing entrepreneurs. Now time has come to use the same learnings.

It’s the beginning and I have a long way to go to help myself, my family and other women in the community."