Finding a niche in the market through SIYB – Marmiland Baku’s healthy baked goods and desserts

Amalia Ibrahimova, Marmiland Baku – Azerbaijan

Article | 08 October 2020
Amalia worked in an insurance company for 16 years but always dreamed of working in the culinary sector, or with activities related to handicrafts and arts. Dozens of ideas and possible plans would occur to her, choosing one and taking the first step seemed, however, something too far away from reality. Amalia never thought she could be capable of starting her own business.

In March 2019, Amalia heard about SIYB and registered for the Generate Your Business Idea and Start Your Business modules. During the training, she had the opportunity to properly analyse all her ideas and to choose one: cooking healthy. She then started by taking small steps: searching for highly nutritional sweet recipes, cooking them and sharing among her friends. She was also open to all kinds of suggestions that helped her to expand her assortment of recipes. Finally, she took the pivotal decision of developing healthy and tasty sweets.

Thanks to the SIYB training and her trainer’s support, she was able to find a very new and interesting niche in the market and develop a business plan that tackled all of her concerns. In her region there were many bakeries, coffee shops, and even nutritionists that provided healthy recipes, but very few shops for clients to order sweets and cakes with low and/or zero calories existed. Instead of artificial sweeteners, she decided to use fruit, and for pastry, she only uses whole-wheat flour or almond flour (always adapting the recipes not to use any fat).

During the SIYB training she has also developed a detailed marketing and sales plan, strategies that helped her created a nice logo and name for her products. Today Amalia is also marketing the products on social media platforms. After receiving several large orders for special celebrations, she was able to expand her business by purchasing a special equipment for fruit drying, which allows her to produce other types of sweet also very loved by her customers.

Every time I go back to my business plan I see how much effort I made in the past, and despite the current pandemic, I have to say I am proud of having several regular customers and growing requests. I am glad to receive positive feedback and to hear that my products bring joy and happiness, especially to elderly, diabetics, those allergic to gluten, and those who carefully count their calories."