Herat’s growing rug factory: creating jobs for 30 women in Afghanistan

Farima Azimi, Herat Rug Swing Factory - Afghanistan

Article | 08 October 2020
Farima is a 24-year-old woman from Herat in Afghanistan, who always dreamed of starting her own business. She knew, however, that without the right knowledge this would not be possible - the reason that brought Farima to participate in the SIYB programme.

After the training, she applied the newly learned concepts in order to create a feasible business idea. The first results could not be more positive: her business plan was able to attract the necessary funding for the opening of her company, which she named “Herat Rug Swing Factory”.

After starting her business, Farima faced difficulties in effectively competing in the market. She quickly tackled this challenge by participating in trade fairs and by marketing her products, solutions she learned from the SIYB training.

Farima has now found her place in the market. Her company built a strong reputation and employs 30 women.

I have never participated in such an excellent training! I not only use the knowledge and techniques I have learned but also teach them to my staff. I am really happy and hope that the company and the donor continues to support the business trainings for those who are in need."