Additional packages and adaptations

Instructional material | 13 October 2022
Besides the core training packages, the SIYB programme proposes additional thematic packages:

Digitalise your Business (DYB): DYB is a training tool that helps potential and existing businesses with different levels of business digitalisation to benefit from the digital economy. DYB provides key strategies for businesses to build an online presence, sell products or services through the Internet and develop operations adapted to the digital world. By working with the DYB package, entrepreneurship trainers and potential and existing entrepreneurs benefit from a series of dynamic activities, tips and real-life examples that help understanding how to move forward on the business digitalisation journey. More details can be found in this brochure.

Green Business Booklet (GBB): GBB is a training tool designed to support the creation of green businesses and the greening of existing businesses. GBB helps potential entrepreneurs to come up with a viable green business idea and to develop a business plan from a green perspective and guides existing entrepreneurs on ways to green their business. More information about it can be found here.

Improve your Food Processing Business (IFYB): IYFB is a training programme which helps food processing entrepreneurs to start or improve their food processing business. IYFB was designed as part of the intervention strategy for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in the food processing market in Myanmar. The IYFB modules help entrepreneurs improve in 4 key areas: food product development, food processing, food quality and food safety. More details can be found in this flyer and in these videos (food development and processing and food safety and food quality).
SIYB Level 1: SIYB Level one is a training programme developed to support potential and existing micro-entrepreneurs with low level of literacy to develop and improve their informal business activities. SIYB Level One is a modular training course composed of three modules with a total duration of six to seven days, followed by after-training support.

Additionally, other SIYB adaptations targeting different sectors and target groups have already been prepared and piloted in the context of different projects, such as:
  • IYB for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Improve your Agri-business (IYAB)
  • SIYB for Social Entrepreneurs
  • SIYB for the Construction Sector
  • SIYB for the Tourism Sector
  • Start your Waste Recycling Business (SYWRB)