• SIYB originated in the 1970s from a business management training programme called “Look After Your Firm” that was developed by the Swedish Employers’ Federation
  • In 1977 - Adapted by ILO to the needs of small scale entrepreneurs in developing countries and renamed to “Improve Your Business (IYB)
  • In the early 90’s the “Start Your Business (SYB)” training package was developed in Fiji to complement the Improve Your Business training package
  • In 1998, “Generate Your Business Idea (GYB)” was developed in southern and eastern Africa
  • In 1999, the ILO grouped GYB, SYB and IYB training packages, calling it “Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB) programme
  • 2003, "Expand Your Business (EYB)" is developed and introduced in Sri Lanka and southern Africa for growing small enterprises