Building Bridges Week

The financial sector’s leveraging power towards a just transition

The ILO’s Social Finance Programme organized a session during the 2021 Building Bridges week, focussing on the financial sector's leveraging power towards a just transition.

In this session, we discussed how the financial sector can contribute to a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies for all. It specifically looked at the intersection of environmental and social dimensions of the transition to the green economy and how financial actors are incorporating just transition aspects in their decision making.

Speakers: Amal-Lee Amin (CDC), Jean-Pierre Dmirdjian (Mirova), Deia Markova (Societe Generale), Aurelia Marti (Blue Orchard), Martina Macpherson (ODDO BHF Asset Management & Private Assets), Rishi Madlani (NatWest Group), Vicky Sins (World Benchmarking Alliance). Moderator: Patricia Richter (the ILO's Social Finance Programme).

Click here for the flyer for more information about this event.