Financial education programme design and implementation: a course for policy-makers and practitioners

This course focuses on designing and implementing a financial education strategy at the national, institutional or local level. Participants will discuss experiences, lessons learned and international practical knowledge gained in this field. The course will provide participants with relevant tools, frameworks and instruments, and will share the best practices applied by various institutions and actors globally.

The course draws on financial education experience acquired over the past decade by the ILO, the ITCILO and other leading global agencies and practitioners. As an outcome of the course, participants will design financial-education outreach strategies for various target groups, produce specific action plans, and prepare for their next steps on returning to work.

This training course targets a wide range of stakeholders. Policy-makers, development practitioners, financial education strategy designers, implementers and project managers in national or international organizations are all encouraged to register.

More information about the "Financial education programme design and implementation" course is available on the official course webpage.